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Kicker 11 DX600.5

Kicker 11 DX600.5

POWER [watts/ch], FULL-RANGE 2 OHM STEREO: 75 x 4
POWER [watts/ch], FULL-RANGE 4 OHM BRIDGED MONO: 150 x 2
POWER [watts/ch], CLASS D 2 OHM MONO: 300
REMOTE BASS CAPABLE [sold sep.]: yes
DIMENSIONS [in, cm]:
[all models 2-1/4H x 8-5/16W x … L] 18-1/8″
[all models 5.7H x 21.1W x … L] 46cm
FREQUENCY RESPONSE [Hz]: 20-20k [DX.5 25-20kHz], +0/-1dB
INPUT SENSITIVITY: high level 250mV-10V, low level 125mV-5V
SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO: >95dB, a-weighted, re: rated power
ACTIVE CROSSOVER: 12dB/octave, variable 50-200Hz selectable
high pass, low pass or all pass; [DX200.4
18dB/octave, high-pass fixed @ 100Hz, lowpass
fixed @ 80Hz]; [DX.5 12dB/octave,
full-range channels variable 50Hz-200Hz,
selectable high or all pass; 24dB/octave, sub
channel variable 50-200Hz, low pass only]
SUBSONIC FILTER [DX.5 only]: – 24dB/octave, sub channel high-pass fixed at
KickEQ™ BOOST: variable to +12dB [DX200.4 selectable 0 or
+9dB), centered @ 40Hz (DX.5 boost sub
channel only]
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